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About us

Skyeshopping Co., Ltd. have dedicated bespoke handmade shoes for several years and we have the customers all over the world. We cooperate with two handmade shoes factory, we could accept wholesale, dropship, or custom made your own brands. Now We gave the customers in Britain, in Sweden, in Italy, in Canada, in USA and Middle East Dubai etc. too much foot custom-made, lasts mail came by them, and provide us with feet sketches. These experiences we learned practiced and knew how to make the bespoke quality shoes perfect; to make the shoes meet the requirements for gentleman and ladies who pursue comfortable and unique. The practioner Masters in our shoes workshop are in the custom handmade industry for more than 25 years, all the requirements and skills they are proficient and know very well  the human foot structure and support points, including the world's scale shoes technology . And all of our shoes are made using fetal calf leather and artificial hand coloring, supply you exclusively offers and unique services.

Size:  EURO 39-58   USA 6.5-19 UK 6-18.5 (you can leave message for any size what you prefer)

Heel height:  1.18"(3CM Around)
Material: Genuine Leather

Shoes type:  dress shoes ,business casual

Factory 1 :   Adhesive Craft (178USD), mackay Craft (198USD) 

and Goodyear Craft (288USD) (One Ancient traditional craft came from Italy)

Factory 2: Goodyear Craft (188USD)

The three crafts difference:


Adhesive craft: just as the name implies, put the upper ,welt, outsole together by one kind of special glue for leather, and adopt the processional craft technique to finish it.


Mackay craft: line Inside technology, on the basis of the adhesive craft, with a line seaming the upper, midsole and the outsole together, the shoes firm strengthen greatly.


Goodyear craft: which material much more than the other craft; which firmness stronger than the other craft; which complexity more than the other craft; which time spent more than the other craft. In additional, two sutures by hand used on it, the first suture, put upper, welt, medium sole together by 9 strands of cotton twine, then the second suture, put welt and outsole together by 9 strands of cotton twine, these can increase the firmness; The comfort is also greatly enhanced, because add shock absorption, cushioning material inside; And from the appearance, Goodyear craft more plump and beautiful than the other craft.


And we cooperate with elevator shoes (height increasing shoes) factory, we offer several brand elevator shoes, accept wholesale, dropship or OEM your own brands.Elevator Shoe is specially designed to give men an instant height increase. The shoes look like normal shoes, but they could make you up to 2-4 inches taller. Beautifully constructed to give you a lift from the inside but look totally normal from the outside. Elevator Shoes are Hand Crafted in Genuine Leather uppers and PU Outsole . These are light weight so you can walk with confidence without compromising on comfort.  Every pair of our shoes is made with stylish, comfortable, high quality leather, using the best workmanship.  The Elevator Shoes will not only give you the "Extra Height" you have always wanted, but will also help you maintain a good posture, thus helping you reach your maximum height potential and will enhance your confidence level.Given that women and men, the main force of the family shopping, the decision-maker of home purchase, the fashion followers, colonize the consumption market, Our sites serve mostly the front-end,fashionable females. The positioning and pricing of our products corresponding with female shopping habits, it greatly enhances our core competitiveness.
Our company stands out its construction of warehousing and logistics and has established the strategic partnerships with DHL, EMS, UPS, E-packet and so on.
Our sourcing manufacturers are the first-rate ones all over China, that is the reason why our products have no inferior quality and technology than any international top brands.


If you want to buy single products, please feel free to place order directly.

If you want to buy in bulk or dropshipping, please feel free to contact us by email