Brooklyn restaurant offers Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day dinner

Dishes at Brucie include Breastiny’s Child, a veal breast with pickled fig, sopressata and goat yogurt. The Blue Ivy appetizer features smoked blue potatoes, blue cheese, trout roe and watercress.


Dishes inspired by Beyonce and Jay Z include I am Pasta Fierce and Jay-Ziti. Here, the couple performs ‘Drunk in Love’ at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.


Looking for a Valentine’s Day dinner that will make your love life as hot as Beyonce and Jay Z’s Grammy performance?

Brucie, an Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, is offering an entirely Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day menu for the romantic holiday.



Dishes include appetizers like Blue Ivy, with smoked blue potatoes, blue cheese, trout roe and watercress ($16) and Oysters Rocafella ($16).

Brucie, an Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, is offering a Beyonce-themed menu this Valentine’s Day.

Sunshine Steven

Brucie, an Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, is offering a Beyonce-themed menu this Valentine’s Day.

The pasta course includes choices like I am Pasta Fierce, a pappardelle with a spicy puttanesca sauce ($24) and Jay-Ziti ($19).

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Round out your meal with a main course like Breastiny’s Child, a veal breast with pickled fig, sopressata and goat yogurt ($29).

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Diamond-encrusted, heart-soled stilettos on sale for $116,000

A Valentine’s Day gift for the woman who has everything? These pricey heels come from British designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who calls the Contessa Wafer stilettos — available in gold, silver or platinum — his ‘finest work.’

                                                                                                                           Caters News Agency
These heart-soled stilettos cost more than $100,000, but they come with a thousand-year warantee.

A pair of diamond-encrusted shoes made from solid platinum have gone on sale for an eye-watering $116,000.

With a heart detail sole, the Contessa Wafer stilettos — available in silver, gold or platinum — are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.


While a platinum pair will set you back about $116,000 and a gold pair $100,000, those on a more modest budget can purchase a pair in silver for about $11,600.

The shoes are encrusted with diamonds and come in gold, silver or platinum. 
                                                                                                                           Caters News Agency

The shoes are encrusted with diamonds and come in gold, silver or platinum.

The stilettos are the work of British designer Christopher Michael Shellis from Birmingham, who has designed a whole host of similarly opulent creations.



Christopher, whose label is called House of Borgezie, creates and designs the shoes himself, working at temperatures of more than 1800 degrees as he uses a secret heating technique.

“I have been a designer jeweler for over twenty years working in the heart of the jewelery quarter in Birmingham,” he said. “It’s taken over two years to develop and complete and proved to be my hardest challenge in over twenty years. I made and designed the handmade stilettos completely myself.”

The red, heart-shaped soles make the stilettos a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, according to British designer Christopher Michael Shellis.
                                                                                                                           Caters News Agency

The red, heart-shaped soles make the stilettos a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, according to British designer Christopher Michael Shellis.


Buyers of the pricy stilettos get a thousand-year warrantee. Each shoe is made to order.

“I am afraid I am a serial designer and just can’t wait to get onto more designs, especially stilettos,” Shellis said. “I was hoping that they would be complete by Valentine’s Day and luckily, I’ve just about got there.


“I would say the Contessa is the finest creation I have ever designed and made and see the Contessa Wafer as a true icon as my finest work.”

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Fashion Week bring flower power

Fashion Week designers wackily proffer florals for fall, weatherized with furs, on day 6

Blame global warming if you must, but for fall, you’ll want to look like you stepped from the garden. As for fur, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a coat, jacket or cape that’s not decorated with the real or faux stuff.<br />
	A model takes the runway at Bradley Mischka Collection (left) and J. Crew show (right). <br />

Enid Alvarez/New York Daily News; Getty Images

Floral print is on display at Badgley Mischka (left) and J. Crew (right). 


Skip the flowers and candy.

Come fall, women will want flowers and furs. Designers are populating the catwalks with rose, cabbage flower, iris and orchid prints, and using fur for everything from cute clutch bags to collars, cuffs and full-on coats.

Models present looks from Vera Wang (left) and Tory Burch's (right) fall collections.

Julia Xanthos, Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News

Models present looks from Vera Wang (left) and Tory Burch’s (right) fall collections.


New York Fashion Week is heavy on the Latin flavor

<br /><br />
	Fashion Week is heavy on the Latin flavor for Fall 2014 season.<br /><br />

Fashion Week is heavy on the Latin flavor for Fall 2014 season.

As the Fall 2014 season kicked off last Thursday, we noticed quite a few aesthetic changes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

From the layout, new venues and tighter security, some would agree that IMG’s plan to make this season at Lincoln Center more selective (in regards to attendees) is working.

Novice designer Karen Gallo, who will debut her luxury footwear and handbag collection on Feb. 12 at Industria Studios, has never presented at Fashion Week, yet she’s all for the exclusivity.

“I would make it more exclusive,” says the Colombian-born designer, 26. “I used to love the dreaming about getting into a show or wondering what will be next. I feel like anonymity should be part of the industry but unfortunately because of social media it’s not.”

Gallo was raised in Queens and says she is constantly inspired by New York City and contemporary street style. Her eponymous collection is made in Italy and includes more than 30 pieces made with exotic materials such as calf, embossed crocodile, coated leathers, and pony hair.

When it comes to incorporating his surroundings, New York-based designer Rolando Santana says, “I never intentionally start (to design) with a cultural reference. I generally draw inspiration from many places I get the opportunity to travel to, or from my everyday life.”

And it looks like this season Santana is motivated by his Mexican heritage.


“I was inspired by Gabriel Orozco’s work,” says Santana of the Mexican artist. “His fascination with spaces and the relationships they have with common elements draw him to create works of art that change the world’s perception of an object, while maintaining its integral form,” adds Santana.

“It is through this very same spirit that the collection has been skillfully crafted using clean lines, seaming detail, intricately placed embellishments throughout.”

If Spanish designer Custo Dalmau integrates Latino culture in his designs, he does it with colors.

“Latin people accept color and it’s part of our DNA,” says Dalmau.

He’s right. His signature use of color blocking, mixing textures, prints and fabrics was seen throughout the runway. Models donned multicolored and geometrical coats - several were half-wool, half-faux fur.

Dalmau included high-waisted flowing skirts, turtlenecks, sheer blouses, and metallic dresses-some accompanied by mirrored aviator sunglasses.

In his current collection, Colombian-born designer Raul Peñaranda says he was inspired by evolution.

Peñaranda, who was raised in Venezuela, says his collection is practical yet elegant – he includes pencil skirts, layering, mixed media trends and adds a touch of metallic sequins, tulle, and brocade.

In addition to Gallo, some new Latino names added to the Fashion Week roster are Hernan Lander, a New York-based Dominican designer, and former model Adrian Alicea, who’s Puerto Rican.

“I think we are experiencing a great influx of Latin American talent in the fashion industry,” says Santana.

“Aside from the amazing names that we all know, there are great young Latino editors in top glossy publications such as W and Vogue, and many designers who are an important part of the industry. It is certainly a proud feeling to know that we are all represented in the industry.”

Notable designers Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez, DelPozo, Angel Sanchez, Cesar Galindo, Ricardo Seco, Ivan Aguilar, JC Obando, and Edwing D’Angelo are also presenting their collections.

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Flat Shoes With Crew Socks Is The Latest Trend Out Of Fashion Week

Last go round at New York Fashion Week, it was established that heels are out and flats are in. This season, that trend seems to be holding on strong (Hallelujah!). But the fashion world is never stagnant, and what was last year’s shower shoe has evolved. Now it’s all about flat handmade shoes with crew socks.

Just when we thought our footwear options couldn’t get any more comfortable, a number of designers have been showing brogues, loafers and sneakers with cozy socks. Come fall, not only will we be able to run around in our flats, but our toes will be extra warm, too.

Will you try this trend? Or do you prefer your socks to stay hidden?publicdknythe row

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Trend   Biggest Fall Trend    Socks and Shoes   New York Fashion Week Boots  Fashion Ankle

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Men Shoes

SKP52-2013 Flat Color Wine Red Men Genuine Oxford Leather ShoeSKP54- Brand Free Shopping Brown Oxford Shoes For MenSKPB3 - Men's Ankle Platform Boots Shoes Handmade Goodyear CraftSKPB8 - Snow Boots in Goodyear Welt Nature Wool Lining for Men

Layer Like A Pro: 10 Fashion Essentials For The Perfect Winter Outfit

This winter is turning out to be an extra chilly one, which means that copious layers are a must. Luckily for us all, layering is a huge trend for the year and there are lots of on-trend, but still versatile elements to play with—both to stay warm and look your best. So check out these 10 layering essentials to bring you from this season right into the next—that’s the best part about layers!


Winter Layering Essential: A Sleek Black Turtleneck And Handmade Ankle Boots

Trust us, a fitted black turtleneck will be your best friend through the bitterly cold season. You could stack a sweater and coat over it (like Kim Kardashian), layer it under a cute dress, or try it solo and tucked into a maxiskirt for a formal occasion. You might want to buy a few, now that we think of it.


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Carrie Underwood Takes Her Fashion Week Shoes Seriously—What She Says About Her Open-Toe Heels in Snowy NYC

Good things happen at Fshion Week , and today’s good thing happened first thing this morning: meeting Carrie Underwood. As I waited my turn to interview her at the Peter Som fall 2014 fashion show, I noticed her gorgeous hair and makeup, adorable Ted Baker dress, and open-toe shoes. Guys, I don’t know about where you are, but it’s 30 degrees in Manhattan right now. It’s so cold that I stopped not one but two street-style photographers and told them to put on a hat and gloves (my Fashion Week PSA, if you will).

So I had to ask her: How are you pulling off those shoes in this icy, snowy, frigid city?


“I’m a pro,” she waved her hand like we were friends (it could happen). “I can walk in anything anywhere and I’m fine.”

She’s in town to see some shows, and she’s all about ease when it comes to style. “I like things that are easy,” she told me. “I swear [I've tried] dresses and it’s like this enclosure goes over here, and this zip is over there. It’s too complicated, I can’t wear it. The easier the better.”

Carrie got me to thinking about my Fashion Week shoe choice. In order to look polished but still be quick on my feet, I’ve chosen these chunky-heeled ankle boots from Chiristian Louboutin Christian Louboutin. Hey, I don’t have Carrie’s stamina for the cold, but to each her own.


What’s your go-to cold-weather dress shoe? Will you rock open-toe styles no matter the weather, or do you veer toward warmer styles? For more on New York Fashion Week, head to our special section.


Photos: Underwood, Getty; Chabbott, Jenna Andrews.

How To Shine Your Leather Shoes ?

Tired of having your shoes look worn-out a few hours after you’ve bought them? Want to keep your shoes looking as good as new? Fear not– with a few handy supplies, and by following these steps, you can learn the easy way to shine them.

Step 1:

Clean dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush or damp cloth.
Step 2:
Select a can of wax or creme shoe polish that matches the leather you want to polish.
Step 3 :

Use a shoe polish brush to apply a conservative amount of polish to the surface of the leather. Brush in circular motions until the leather has a dull coating. Get into tight spots using an old tooth brush.
Step 4: Wait 15 minutes while the polish dries.
Step 5:

Brush shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush.
Step 6:


Buff to a gleaming shine with a clean cotton cloth, such as an old sweat sock or T-shirt.

Height Increase Sporty Looking Lace Shoes with Comfortable Hidden Insert!

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